Welcome to my website. My name is Parisa and I have over seven years of experience in diversity with cultural diversity as my expertise.

My parents fled Iran in 1994 to seek asylum in the Netherlands. Being a refugee and living in between two cultures I am able to build bridges. I have the ability to translate life experiences into keynote speeches. 

More and more companies have policies which a focus on diversity and inclsuion. With my help they can truly realize their policies. Inclusivity is a state of mind of true acceptance of each other.  

Aidyn helps companies to make diversity tangible. Aidyn helps companies to create awareness and understanding. Aidyn helps you to create value for your company by focusing on diversity.

Mission & Vision

Aidyn is a unique company with the clear mission of creating an atmosphere of inclusivity within organizations. Aidyn wants to contribute to bringing people together, starting the dialogue and creating cohesion. Aidyn is about people.

People accelerate, achieve more and are committed in an inclusive ambiance. As such, companies that invest and set values on diversity and inclusivity will accelerate, achieve more and grow. Because they understand that a company’s greatest asset is its human capital.