Leiden University Diversity Projects

I started my working at the Leiden University diversity department in 2008. We worked on different diversity projects for students. Highlight is the annual Diversity Symposium. 

Humans of Leiden University

Collaboration with students from Leiden University and the university itself. This campaign was started to break through stereotypes and to show the diversity at Leiden University, which is made up of different colors, genders and nationalities. 

May 5 Freedom film: How free are you? Peer pressure and exclusion

Collaboration with Humanity in Action on a short film about freedom. The film was shown during all commemoration festivals on May 5. This year’s short film theme was “You pass on freedom”. I worked together with Sean Fitzpatrick, a director from South Africa.

For all short films, please click here.

Citizens of the World Week 

Sancta Maria is a high school in Haarlem that organizes an annual Citizen of the World Week in order to make students more aware of different cultures. People with different backgrounds speak speak about their culture at Sancta Maria high school in order to engage students.