Isabel Hoving, Diversity Officer Leiden University

"I am always impressed with the passion with which Parisa dedicates herself to the issues she believes in so deeply: diversity and inclusion. Her sincere, open and personal presentations never fail to move and inspire her audience. She is still relatively young, but she has an international and intercultural experience far beyond her years, and she knows how to convey that experience. She has accomplished so much already, especially by contributing to building inclusion at Leiden University. She is always teaching me new things about what it means to actually live diversity."

Sabina Beijne, Head of Student Support Services Leiden University

"Parisa Elah-Madadzadeh made an outstanding contribution to several meetings on diversity at Leiden University. She has clear thoughts on diversity matters and policy. Her speech on her life story is very impressive. She can make clear what inclusivity can mean to an individual in an organization. An extraordinary person."