1. Speaking

By telling her life story she makes the elusive, vague and grey area of diversity a tangible one.

You can read more on my her note speeches here.

    Popular Key Note Topics

        1. Diversity is identity

Establishing an identity is one of the key experiences in life we all go through. Growing up in between cultures can complicate that experience. A society where differences are continuously emphasized is another factor entangling that same process further. Should you become just like “the other” or should you stay like "you are"? How do you know who you are, when there is little space to figure that out? 

Parisa explains what diversity means using her life story and experiences. She discusses how how her life has brouhgt her where she is and why that could be important to others. 

        2. When can you call yourself a “power woman”?

Parisa explains what it meant to walk the path of success. Often very motivated women find it difficult to develop their careers, as there are very few female role models to turn to for advice. Parisa's Iranian background added an extra dimension to this path which caused her to always feel “unconventional” and left out. She speaks on her  experiences, difficulties and the insight she gained while moving forward.

2. Seminars

During her work at Leiden University from 2008 to present, Parisa has organized four seminars on diversity. She was the chairwoman of three of them. The seminars have now become a successful annual event. In 2015 she was invited to give her workshop “Diversity is identity” and to act as a member of the panel and share her thoughts and ideas on the Diversity working plan presented by Leiden University.

A seminar on diversity often is a way to start in order to start dialogue, raise awareness and understanding.

3. Consultancy

In order to create an atmosphere of inclusivity one must be aware of the fact that it will take time. If your company would like to create a long-term vision on diversity, Aidyn is your consultancy to go to. Together, we will work out a unique and long-term plan that suits to individual interests of each company.